Design, home building and remodeling services by Van Gelder Construction

Our job is to help clients define and achieve their vision for their homes.

We begin by discussing questions with the homeowner such as, “What can we achieve?” “How can we make this house flow better for activities?” and “How can we improve its energy efficiency?”

Sean and our designer (or yours, if you prefer) will meet with you to discuss preliminary design and build approaches, as well as budget ranges. Once approved, we design and build your project from start to finish.

We use web conferencing tools that allow us to review plans and share documents with clients in real time, even when we’re not all in the same location.

Glass Block installation


Steps to Building a Custom Home or Remodeling Your Home

Complimentary on-site meeting to discuss client’s project vision, budget and feasibility of project

Preliminary budget and design approach submitted for review

Approval to proceed with preliminary design

Preliminary design approval

Revisions discussed and approved

Final design approval

Construction from foundation to finish

Ongoing meetings between client and Van Gelder Construction