Energy-efficient, high-performance homes make sense and save money

High-performance, green, sustainable and energy-efficient homes — terms often used interchangeably — focus on comfort, durability, indoor air quality, lower energy use and waste reduction.

The Van Gelder Construction team specializes in designing and building high-performance homes. We consider the entire approach, from design to materials and smart installation.

All of these aspects must work together to create a healthy, durable home with reduced environmental impacts that’s cost efficient to operate and maintain.

Our approach ranges from using sun and site to the building's advantage for natural heating, cooling, and daylighting, to using healthy, energy-efficient products and building practices.

Whenever possible, we incorporate sustainably harvested products as well as salvaged and recycled materials such as lumber and concrete. See an example of using recycled beams for a patio cover. We reduce landfill waste by segregating and sending construction waste to building recyclers.

Homeowners rely on our expertise and training when it comes to choosing and installing key components such as windows, insulation and HVAC systems.

For example: In remodeling and building new, energy-efficient homes, we test with a blower door during construction to measure the effectiveness of the home’s air sealing. A low ACH (air changes per hour) measurement indicates the home has a tight shell with minimal air leaks. A tight home is able to use much smaller systems such as a smaller HVAC — which saves on operational costs.

Another consideration: Indoor air quality and comfort levels are typically better with the use of HRV (heat recovery ventilation system).

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High-performance home facts

Temperatures in a high-performance home typically vary only 1-3 degrees from summer to winter. 

High-performance homeowners enjoy lower utility bills, greater comfort, better indoor air quality and higher resale prices.